Change of Plans

To all our followers of, I’m really sorry to have to announce that the project will not now be going ahead as described in earlier posts.


Unfortunately unforeseen developments in New Zealand have caused a stall in progress and if that changes I will make further announcements on this website.


Sorry to disappoint.

Mary McNutt

Fascinating Bee Behaviour in New Zealand

Bee behaviour, scenting swarm

Fascinating Bee Behaviour. Irish Bee in New Zealand.



Manuka Honey – from Apitree

What is Manuka Honey

Some people ask me if it’s a special type of bee that produces it.

What makes Manuka Honey special is the plant that the honey bees forage:  the same plant that produces Tea Tree oil. It grows naturally and in profusion in New Zealand.

With Manuka Honey you get the double benefits of pure natural honey and the extra special phyto-chemical benefits of the Tea Tree Plant.

Strength of Manuka honey varies from hive to hive, apiary to apiary and season to season.

Manuka Honey from Apitree, by Irish Bee

At Apitree, every batch is analysed by an independent, NZ Govt approved laboratory, to determine the exact strength of the MGO (methylglyoxal) activity. That batch is then bottled and labelled in line with the analysis.

The Apitree Brand has been developed in the Kataia region: the Northern part of North Island, New Zealand.  David and Paula Stapleton settled there just over 5 years ago and have been beekeeping and building up their apiaries ever since.  They call their business ‘Irish Bee’ to honour their home. They now have well over 1000 hives and counting…..


13103339_613557058796282_2103590346171615703_n   Here’s just a few of them!

So Apitree Manuka honey comes straight to you from the beekeepers and the bees!

It is 100% Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey….the cream of the crop.

Arriving August

100% pure New Zealand manuka honey direct from the beekeepers and the bees!

Manuka Honey by Irish Bee

What is Apitree?

What is Apitree?

Apitree is the new brand of fully certified Premium Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey and other bee-related products.

Apitree by Irish Bee is a registered Trade Mark. The “Irish Bee” referred to, is the business set up by Irish family, the Stapletons, who left Roosky, Co.Leitrim, Ireland and moved to New Zealand in 2010. Starting from scratch back then, they have built up their beekeeping enterprise to over 1,000 beehives and the newest phase of the development of that business is the Apitree Brand. Their website can be visited now at

NukaNua Ltd. is a new Irish-based company set up for purpose and with the sole distribution rights for Apitree products in Europe.

Apitree Products

We will be launching the first Apitree products in September 2016, news of this will be posted here on the website, so please bookmark and re-visit. We will have:

  • Two strengths of Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey:
    • 100+MGO (Methylglyoxyl)    x 2 sizes: 250gm and 500gm
    • 150+MGO   x  1 size: 250gm


These will be followed in Spring 2017 by an increased range of strengths (hopefully up to 650+ MGO).

Each batch of honey is independently analysed/tested for MGO strength by an independent, NZ Government approved, laboratory immediately prior to packaging and labelling. The product is then shipped to NukaNua Ltd.

If you are interested in the health effects of Manuka Honey, we’ll will soon be providing links that you can follow to scientific academic studies into the subject. There are many beneficial ways in which Manuka can be used, and there is a wealth of information on the internet. We’ll be adding more information on a regular basis.

Our Crowdfunding Campaign

NukaNua Ltd. plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign around the end of the year. If you are interested in supporting this fully Irish owned enterprise please register your interest, without confirming commitment, in the subscription form in the side panel of this page, or e-mail your contact details to

This planned crowdfunding campaign will offer the option of investing small amounts of money (minimum €50; maximum €500) for a period of 2 to 5 years. Your investment can be cashed out later by claiming product to that value or calling in a refund of your investment. We will be devising a rewards scheme to encourage your support. More information will be posted to this website over the coming months.

We will follow up your expression of interest by e-mailing and keeping you informed of the campaign and the progress of the enterprise. When you are satisfied you want to proceed with supporting us, we will give you clear directions as to how you may do so.

In the meantime

You can place orders from late May (date will be announced) and pay in advance with the reward of an attractive discount.

Please save this web address to your favourites for future reference. We hope to meet with you online, and provide you with some of our excellent products in the future.

Mary McNutt, MD,
NukaNua Ltd.

Coming soon…..

100% pure New Zealand manuka honey.


Manuka Honey by Irish Bee

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